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Support meetings are held on the third Sunday of every month at the Cathedral City Library.



Dear PFLAG Friend,


Everyday PFLAG Palm Springs offers support, education, advocacy and hope to LGBTQ persons, their families, friends, and our straight allies. Our work is possible only with your help. The generous contributions of our members and donors support our website, information line, monthly meeting, newsletter and outreach. We are an all-volunteer organization, receiving no money from the PFLAG National organization, so every penny of your donation goes directly to our work.


When 12-year-old Justin tearfully told his mom, Emily, he thought he might be gay, she told him while she would not have chosen that life for him, she would love him no matter what. Case closed.


At work the next day, Emily talked to a gay colleague who provided her with the phone number for PFLAG. She didn’t call. She figured with a little time, Justin would get over this phase. Emily now realizes she was in denial.


Justin tried two more times to “come out” before Emily “got it,” and then she didn’t have the words—the tools—to support him. Justin told her it wasn’t the life he had chosen either—it just was. He also told her at one time, early on and in his confusion, he thought life was just too hard and considered suicide. Emily attended her first PFLAG meeting that weekend. Emily’s experience with PFLAG support made a huge difference in her relationship with Justin and in his approach to day-to-day living, and may have even saved his life.


With PFLAG’s support, Emily and Justin acquired new understanding and the tools they needed for their family. They also learned how important it is to reach out and stay connected with a support, education and advocacy system like PFLAG.


PFLAG has been touching and changing lives since founder Jeanne Munford marched with her gay son in New York City’s Christopher Street Liberation Day March in 1972—and held the first peer support meeting less than a year later.


Children are realizing, questioning and identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender at younger and younger ages. Today’s hate-filled political climate is challenging—and at times, downright scary—making the work we do today even more critical.


For over 25 years, PFLAG Palm Springs/Desert Communities has continued to:


  • provide support to families and allies who are in need, through peer-to-peer and group meetings, online outreach, telephone information line and referrals;
  • educate and lobby local officials on LGBTQI issues; and
  • travel to Sacramento to advocate for LGBTQI legislation.


Of course doing this work requires money, and we need your support.


We are delighted to announce that, thanks to a matching grant from from PFLAG members, your donation received by November 30, 2017 will double in value! Please click donate now. Help us achieve our mission knowing that every dollar you give will work twice as hard.


We must continue this work for greater understanding one person, one family at a time. Together, we are stronger, our voices louder, and the synergy of our actions more powerful. Please give today!




Mike and Carol Balasa, Co-Presidents

PFLAG Palm Springs/Desert Communities



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